Who We are


“Dr. J. Formulas” include wide groups of natural and non-prescription health products. HLTM products are scientifically formulated. This is to say that; the products medical claims are scientifically supported. In other word, in our products, the daily dose of medicinal ingredients is adequate to justify the medical claims. In addition to our products efficacy, we ensure the product safety. This is because our daily dose of any medicinal (or non-medicinal) ingredients is within the recommended level. Furthermore, we, strictly comply with the current GMP requirements as stipulated in the Canadian, USFDA and European guidelines to ensure products quality.
Consequently, we claim that our bottles are full of pure science.

Dr. J.

The letter “J” stands for the first letter of the formulator’s first name. In 1981, Dr. J. obtained his doctorate degree from University of London (UK). Since then, he worked for different sectors in various countries. He is well known for his well-received books and scientific publications.


With the unique experience and education of Dr. J., the corporation “Holy Land Traditional Medications Inc.” has been established. HLTM products are marketed under the name “Dr. J.’s Formulas”. All HLTM formulas are licensed by Health Canada. At this stage, HC granted HLTM the marketing authorization for over 110 products